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Chiropractor Dr. R. Brian Woywood Offers Affordable Chiropractic Services To Help You Achieve & Maintain Good Health.

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  • Specializing In Affordable Chiropractic Care
  • 25+ Years Experience
  • Preferred Chiropractor of M.D.'s and Attorneys
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  • Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork
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Get Premium Chiropractor Services At Affordable Prices
A 2007 study of people seeking alternative therapy indicated that about 6 to 12% of people chose Chiropractic care to get rid of common problems like low back ache, muscle spasms, asthma etc. The numbers are more than likely to have doubled for 2011.

But finding a highly recommended chiropractor who is willing to offer his services at a low cost be be daunting.
Dr. Woywood is an affordable chiropractor who will offer several different treatment options that will yield desired results. If a particular ailment needs more than 1 sitting, the doctor makes sure that the patent is informed, and keeps costs low by avoiding unnecessary tests. If there is a test that’s required to be conducted, they make sure that the patient is made aware of the reason for the test.

Practitioners like Dr. Woywood often educate people on the needs of good supplements but do not push their products. When speaking to the chiropractor, ask him any questions or concerns about the techniques that he practices. Most chiropractic methods often give results from the first treatment.

At Woywood Chiropractic, you'll have access to additional affordable services like massage, exercises, and nutritional counseling. This helps a lot when you’re looking for low cost ways to boost the immune system. Costs of a chiropractor usually vary. Dr. Woywood, for example, charges $37 for the first exam. His clinic is certainly a place where chiropractor costs are affordable.